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Summary of 2012 Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson auction:
We have been fortunate enough to participate in past Barrett-Jackson auctions in Las Vegas over the past 3 events.  We have always enjoyed our experience and the wonderful people that we've met and the friendships that we've formed with so many people.  Our Scottsdale experience was above and beyond what we expected.  First off, it was HUGE compared to the Las Vegas events.  So many people kept referring to Scottsdale as the "grand-daddy" of them all.  They weren't exaggerating.  So many people, so many cars!  For so many pure car buffs, this was definitely the place to go.
I know one of the remarks we continue to make is that we meet so many wonderful people that truly love the cars.  Again, that holds true!  We talked to so, so many people and from so many different areas.  Without asking the others in our group specifically, just the people that I spoke to were from so many diverse areas.  Many were local to the Scottsdale area, some just coming for the first time.  There were 2 seperate groups that were there from Vancover Canada, which, they informed me, was experiencing -40 degree weather!  For a native Floridian, all I can say is freezing!  Many people were from California, many from Colorado, a couple from Wisconsin, Seattle, Oregon and many from the East coast states!  I think the distance traveled "award" should go to 2 brothers that traveled 22 hours on a flight from South Africa just to come to the auction and see the cars!  Our hats off to them for their devotion to cars!
We had the opportunity to talk to a gentleman that purchased one of our earlier cars from a friend of ours at a previous Scottsdale auction and he expressed his complete appreciation for the workmanship of that car.  That always feels good to hear!
We were fortunate enough to find out who the buyer of each of our cars was.  Two of the three went to an individual that has another of our cars (my all time personal favorite car!) and we met the buyer of the other car.  It is always wonderful to know where your cars go and that they are going to homes that will appreciate them.  Thank you to each of you!
Our hearts truly go into each and every car that we build and we take great pride in the workmanship of each.
We also have to say a big "thank you" to the wonderful Barrett-Jackson staff that helped us so much.  Especially to our consigning agent and to the drivers of each of our cars.  Each and every person we dealt with through out the entire process was wonderful!
Again, thank you to the many, many people that we had the opportunity to speak with.  Each and every one of you made our experience very enjoyable.  Congratulations to all of the other consigners as well!  So many wonderful cars!
We hope to see familiar faces at some of the car shows soon!

Results of the 3/24-3/25/12 Super Chevy Show are listed on the home page (please don't forget to go to to vote for your pick for best!
Here's the photo from the track photographer (thank you again, BME Photography, specializing in drag racing photography, 1-800-270-3686, for allowing us to us your wonderful picture on our web site!):

5/7/13 Update:
Our friends that now have 2 of our cars showed the 56 Sierra Gold/Adobe Beige convertible at Super Chevy in Texas this past weekend. Donna's 56 won her class (yea Donna!) and the car was selected as one of the 5 in the Tri Fives to go in the Best of the Best! So, if you want to go in and vote, I know that they would certainly appreciate your votes to carry them to the next stage.
If you want to vote, go to you will have to vote for all the classes (there are 5). You will have to select a favorite from each class and you will have to enter your email address and your name and zip code. I have never received anything from them or any affiliates from past voting.
If the 56 is your favorite and you want to vote for it, it is on the site as the 56 owned by Donna Thomson.  The car is also in the photos from the Chevy Nationals in February (in the slideshow below).
Thank you on behalf of Donna!

2/11/13 Update:
Slides added below.  A special thank you to A & D for the wonderful pictures of their Red 1957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible and their Sierra Gold/Adobe Beige 1956 Chevy Bel Air Convertible purchased from us and pictures of our Larkspur Blue 1957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible.  These pictures were taken at the Classic Chevy Winter Nationals.  Congratulations on them winning their respective Jr. Trailer Restored classes (and both receiving Platinum Certificates with 988 points!) and for the Red 57 winning Best Engine and the Sierra Gold 56 winning Best Paint.  Our Larkspur Blue 57 also placed 2nd in our class and we got a Platinum Certificate with 995 points!  We all had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with A and & D and with the awesome show organizers and everyone and the participants.   A big congratulations to everyone that won or placed!  There were a lot of very nice cars at the show!
11/8/12 Update:
Yikes!  The Super Chevy Best of the Best for the year end came up fast!  The voting is going on right now and ends on Sunday, 11/11/12!  Since our car (the Larkspur Blue 1957 Bel Air convertible, Dave Snodgrass) was selected as the best of the best for the West Palm Beach show, Tri-Five category, we are in the running for the year end!  While we would LOVE to have your vote on our car, please look over each car and pick your favorite.  To vote on your choice of car in each of 5 categories, go to  I suggest you go through each category and decide which car you like best for each of the 5 categories before you select one as it seems to clear your last selection, in all categories, when you click on a picture to see the details.  When you have selected your choices, fill in the information at the bottom of their page and submit.
9/21/12 Update:
Finally a brief update! We'll leave the details out but it's safe to say there has been A LOT going on! Dave and Kenny have been doing a full frame off restoration of a 1957 Bel Air convertible for a wonderful couple. We fully expected to be finishing that car by now, but experienced a big time set back that we certainly didn't expect yet couldn't ignore. Best laid plans...
It feels VERY strange to us to not be in Las Vegas this week with a car at Barrett Jackson. With the projects that were going this year, there was no way we were even going to be able to think about trying to have a car ready for Vegas. We do have high hopes of having a 1956 convertible and a 1957 convertible ready for Scottsdale. 
We wish everyone there in Las Vegas the best of luck in selling or purchasing!
We have pictures to upload to the site but plan on changing the format to slides for space and will load them at that time.  Check back as the plan is to do that in the next few days!
4/2/12 Update:
Our car was selected as winner for the Tri-Five Chevy divisionfor Super Chevy Best of the Best for the West Palm show!  Thank you so much to everyone that believed in our car and voted for it!  This award certainly wouldn't have been won if it wasn't for each and every person that voted for our car.  It means the world to have the support of those who voted!  Thank you again for appreciating the hard work that we put into each of our cars.

3/26/12 Update:
We attended the West Palm Beach, FL Super Chevy show this past weekend.  Our car did very well.  The awards we received for the weekend were: Saturday - Editors Choice, top 10; Sunday - Gold class winner for 55-57 stock; winner gold class detail; and winner gold class engine.  It was a really fun show and there were a lot of really nice cars.  One thing that Super Chevy is doing for their series this year is having a best of the best.  They pick the top 5 from some categories (one of which is tri-five chevrolets) from each show.  Voting for each show is on-line for a week.  The top pick from the five goes into the mix for the top 12 at the end of the series.  We are honored to be one of the five picked!  You can go on-line and vote at  Unfortunately, it seems to be just a small picture of the cars so it may be hard for everyone to really tell.  We would love (and appreciate) your votes but really do want you to go with what you feel is the best.  We like to win our awards fair and square!  Remember, voting deadline is 4/2/12!
I have a photo that the track photographer took and was gracious enough to allow us to scan and post on our website.  It is posted on the "general" page (which will be changing to shows and such).

Thank you to all of the wonderful people that we met in Scottsdale at Barrett-Jackson this year.  Some of you even made a special trip back just to tell us how much you love the cars.  The appreciation for these cars from true car buffs is what we really enjoy and appreciate!  It's wonderful to see just how many people love the tri-five Chevrolets as much as we do.  We were fortunate enough to find out who each of the winning bidders on our cars were and each car has gone to wonderful new homes!  Thank you to the winning bidders and enjoy your cars!
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