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About us:
Dave and Kenny restore tri-five chevrolets to collector quality.  Every nut and bolt comes off the car and the car undergoes a full rotisserie restoration.  Dave and Kenny are brothers that work extremely well together and have been restoring tri-fives for over 20 years.  They've shown the cars over the years at Classic Chevy Winter Nationals, Super Chevy Sunday and many others and have won many awards along the way.  They've also participated in some high end auctions as well with great success.
We have a facebook page for Snodgrass Chevy Restoration.  If you go to facebook, search pages and you'll find us.  One day I'll have us up to date with technology and figure out how to make these links and email active!  We'll get there, one step at a time!

Contact info:
Dave Snodgrass
shop: 321-752-9039
cell: 321-536-2513
(we aren't always close to the phone, so please feel free to leave a message!)


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Sterling Photo (our wonderful photographer for studio shots):

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