Snodgrass Restoration

Snodgrass Chevy Restoration

Cars completed

1957 Chevrolet Convertible.  Larksburg blue with larksburg blue top.  Just completed early October 2011.  Look for this car at upcoming shows.  We plan to enjoy showing this car!
Surf Green/Highland Green 1957 BelAir Hardtop with green and black pattern cloth interior.  This car was sold at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2011 auction.  Lot #634.
This car showed wonderfully under the lights in the convention center and everyone's reaction to this beauty was awesome!  We received the best feedback and we got to talk to a lot of wonderful people.  Thank you to everyone that we met and talked to and for all of your wonderful comments about this car.  Congratulations to the new owner!

This beautiful Sierra Gold 1957 Bel Air Hardtop was sold at Barrett-Jackson, Las Vegas in 2009.  Congratulations to the new owner.
Beautiful Sierra Gold/Adobe Beige 1956 Bel Air Hardtop.  Restored with assistance from the previous owner and sold at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2010.  Entire process was documented by the previous owner.  Congratulations to the new owner!
    1957 Chevrolet BelAir Hardtop with Fuel Injection.  Harbor Blue.  Sold at Barrett-Jackson auction.  Gone to a new home where it will be well cared for.  Congratulations to the new owner!
  1955 Chevrolet BelAir Hardtop.  Turquoise and India Ivory.  Sold at Barrett-Jackson auction.  Congratulations to the new owner (and repeat customer!).  Enjoy!
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